Ecoline S Series

Your personalized Bühler production solution

The Ecoline S is a series of cold-chamber die casting machines with locking forces ranging from 3,400 kN to 8,400 kN. They are particularly suited for aluminium and magnesium casting.

Driving productivity

The Ecoline S series is already driving productivity in over 500 die casting applications on 4 continents.

Ease of use, state-of-the-art technology and efficiencies backed by Bühler’s superior service deliver cost-effective quality castings for die casters around the globe.

The ability to tailor specifications, to choose integrated peripherals and software options further enhances the overall productivity of the Ecoline S series for your specific production requirements.

Ecoline S Series, transforming production

Designed for productivity

The assistance systems make it possible to fill dies with minimal air entrapment while improving the quality of the part, increasing your productivity by up to 5%.

The optimal alignment of process movements reduces cycle time. Integrated sprayer, metal supply system and extractor are centrally operated and monitored, increasing uptime.

Productivity by numbers

  • Component: Electronic housing
  • Die: Quadruple
  • Weight: 200 grams
  • Annual volume: 1,500,000 pieces
  • Locking force of the machine: 840 tons
  • Cycle time: 45 seconds
  • OEE Improvement:  5%
  • Annual savings: US$ 41,300 (+ reduced scrap)

Repeatability built-in

State-of-the-art proportional technology is built-in to overcome process variations at the high power shot end during the casting process. Digital recording of the plunger movement allows precise monitoring and control of the casting process. Closed loop control ensures that you achieve consistent results – every shot.

Easy to operate

Setup and monitoring for the whole cell is managed through the integrated touchscreen operator panel. Screens are adapted to your individual production solution, providing fast, simple control.

Efficiency that makes you more profitable

Real time injection control during the first phase delivers outstanding quality results. Superior design, build and performance can help you to reduce downtime, speed up production, cut scrap, and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) – all contributing to your ROI.

Integrated peripherals for optimal results

SmartVac – integrated vacuum system

The SmartVac vacuum system is integrated seamlessly into the die casting system. It is controlled centrally with the Ecoline S control unit. All relevant vacuum parameters are measured, monitored and assigned to the process directly – for comprehensive process transparency and optimum quality of the components. The SmartVac standard version allows the use of thermally self-locking valves, so called chill blocks, at a maximum of two suction points – one at the fixed and one at the movable side. As an option, other commercially available valves can be controlled.

Consistent ladling picture

Consistent ladling

The BRL Servo metal ladle offers quick movements to minimize cycle time and precise positioning for accurate dosing. Meticulous control of the ladle function ensures stable production. Robust, low-maintenance mechanical systems form the best basis for continuous operation.

Optimum spraying picture

Optimum spraying

Even the most complex casting shapes can be completely sprayed out with the BP-XL Servo sprayer. This is made possible by four spray-blow circuits as well as two independent high-pressure blowing circuits. The high level of dynamism of the Servo drive technology ensures that cycle times are kept to a minimum.

Reliable extraction peripheral image

Reliable extraction

The BE-C Servo extractor grips the castings with pinpoint accuracy and sets them down carefully. Quick movements due to the servo drive technology and freely programmable waiting positions prior to extraction help to save valuable cycle time. The integrated parts inspection provides additional transparency to the process and helps to avoid unscheduled interruptions of production.

Technical data and dimensions

 Type 34Type 53Type 66Type 84
Injection force dynamic (kN)137192288288
Injection force intensified (kN)377526771771
Max. casting volume (cm3)654 - 16761131 - 31421796 - 52781796 - 5278
Max. metal pressure (bar)1921 - 7501861 - 6702004 - 6822004 - 682
Max. projected area (cm2)175 - 448282 - 784330 - 970420 - 1230
Max. locking force (kN)3400530066008400
Distance between tie bars (mm)650720780900

More powerful features

Connectivity Icon


Bühler machines are network-ready for communication to your higher-level monitoring and production systems such as Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). IoT, Industry 4.0 and SmartFactory – it’s all possible. Network capability also allows remote access for efficient monitoring, diagnostic and process improvements. Either done by your own engineers or Bühler specialists, anywhere in the world.

multi touch screen icon

12inch multi touch screen

The large color display with touch function and graphical user interface allows quick and intuitive access to all relevant information and functions – significantly reducing the training period for your operators. All essential functions are summarized on central screens. 

Multistep profiling icon

Multistep profiling

In addition to automatic optimization of the pre-filling phase, multistep programming allows you to adapt the casting profile. Up to six individual points can be freely programmed during the pre-filling phase to meet the specific requirements of the component. Of course, the filling and intensification phases can also be set individually.

Flexible core programming icon

Flexible core programming

More flexibility in the casting process is achieved through individual programming of the core sequences. Extending and retracting of the cores is independent, and can be individually adapted to the die and process conditions. It’s simple to use and understand, making it easy for you to create die recipes where special programs are required on other systems.

Integrated core spray program icon

Integrated core spray program

The integrated core spraying program allows you to coordinate the spraying sequences of the die, core pull units, squeeze pins and the shot sleeve. All functions and program sequences can be compiled graphically and synchronized without any programming skills, allowing you to quickly assemble an optimal spraying program.

Help and diagnostics icon

Help and diagnostics

A range of help functions supports the user with clear instructions and procedures. In the event of an alarm, your maintenance and service personnel can access clear diagnostics charts with the touch of a button, helping you to get back your production capacity as quickly as possible.

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